Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Scarf Giveaway!

Web marketing can be a tricky, multi-headed beast. One of my goals with it is to meet new friends and allies in the world. A big part of my mission is to spread the word about what it takes to build craft-based communities and offer assistance and encouragement to others who want to do it themselves. That's why I write a blog and cross-post it to my personal website, Facebook, and Twitter.

After almost three years of blogging, I think that most of my friends and much of the weaving world know what I'm up to. If they're interested, they're following the story.

To spread my story just a little further, I've decided to test a new service called Hooplasoft Giveaway. It's a Facebook app that encourages people to "Like" your fan page by entering them into a sweepstakes to win free stuff from you. It's integrated with Stumbler, a part of the StumbleUpon world that was an important part of my Internet relaxation regimen when I had a tech job. That should help the sweepstakes to find its way in the path of people who are interested in things like handweaving and community. (Based on keywords in the sweepstakes text.)

If you'd like to help promote my Facebook fan page by joining the sweepstakes and sharing the page with your friends, click HERE. And, as a bonus, if someone you refer wins the contest, you'll both receive a scarf!

Good luck!

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