Thursday, September 8, 2011

Treadled Bobbin Winder

In the last few weeks, I've begun developing some pain in my shoulder, deep inside the joint.

I've found that it's not actually exacerbated by weaving. It's the bobbin winding that's doing it. I'm committed to finding ways to do all of my work without electricity. (Yes, I'm looking for a non-electric version of the Silver Needles cone winder. Got any ideas?)

Yesterday I kludged up a way to wind bobbins without using my shoulder. I just happen to have an Ashford Joy spinning wheel from the days, not that long ago, when I thought I wanted to do it all.

The nice thing about using the Joy for this purpose is that it is able to have its ratio changed easily by using a series of graduated tracks in the wheel and the drive pulley. Perfect! I put the drive band from the wheel in one track and the drive band to the bobbin winder in another...

This works really well, getting my right arm out of the process entirely to let that joint heal from whatever's ailing it.

And finally, if you've never seen how I take seven 24/2 threads and turn them into one fat multicolored weft that doesn't unply in the flyshuttle, here's how it works. The threads wrap around each other on their way to that hook in the ceiling, becoming plied enough to stay together.

...and those papers on the wall let me see the shows that I missed in 2011 and the shows I'm considering for 2012. I'm a visual decision-maker, if that hasn't become clear by now.


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Laura said...

One suggestion - although it may not be a problem for you - if you change the attachment point for the winder from the front to the butt or end. On that style of winder I found the clamp would gradually work loose dumping the winder forward off the table. With the clamp at the butt instead it's much more stable.