Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Waterproof Booth

Wow, the dry Summer show season sure went fast! It seems like I just got that canvas booth built, and I guess it's kind of true.

But, that booth did what I needed for this season - it let me earn the money that I didn't have last month to buy a bigger, drier booth.

And one of the shows was a big success, bringing income just in time for me to replace the booth before the rains come.

One thing I've found is that almost all shows allocate 10x10 booth spaces. The 8x8 fits within that, looking more full with less merchandise on display and gives me two feet of space behind the booth for storage. Nowadays, though, I don't need the booth to "look full". There's enough merchandise that it is full.

And then there are the racks... Those were a fantastic bargain. They had been loaned from one shop to another here in town. When that other shop closed down, the owner of the racks didn't want to have to store them again so she sold them to me cheap.

If I thought the van was full before, it is even more full with those three racks in there. Two of them pack down, but the third really doesn't. Those racks take up more space than the whole other booth because that booth breaks into flat pieces. It's good, though. The new booth can house the demo loom completely and display 50% more merchandise without looking cramped.

Between the new canopy and the new racks, it's a whole new booth, just in time for my next three back-to-back shows. We could get rain at any of these shows, so I couldn't have waited another week to get the weatherproof booth. Whew!

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Barbara said...

when are the items going out to the people who contributed to your little fund raiser?