Friday, September 16, 2011


The success of last weekend's show created a big todo list for me. This is good.

This week, I researched a number of shows and applied to three of them. I'm moving up to the next level of shows that require early applications and higher fees. They also require things like CDs (!?) or printed photographs of my work and process.

One show has a strange footprint (4'x8') so I pulled out some indoor display racks to see how I would use that space and attract customers from across a crowded ballroom.

And I was able to focus on that stuff because there is a team of us to spread the production around. Wispr began teaching Arcana to weave on the production loom last weekend. And this week, Arcana learned to warp and thread the demo loom. He made one simple mistake and left one section taped to the beam.

To fix it, we had to move six sections over to make room for the missing section. It was easy for two of us. I handed threads to Arcana, who rethreaded them 20 heddles over. Then he threaded the missing section while I finished sleying the other edge of the beam. And during this, Harlan and Jaime kept us company and Audrey took pictures. The only one missing was Wispr, who rested at home while waiting for the ibuprofen to take away his muscle aches.

That's teamwork! Thanks, y'all!

Unfortunately, we're so crunched for time that we had to work until 9:00 last night to get that loom sleyed, tied on and the threading checked. But, the work goes faster and easier with friends. This morning we're packing the van and heading off to Sisters, Oregon. The weather calls for light snow on Sunday. Let's hope it doesn't stop the customers from coming out!

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