Friday, September 2, 2011

In Jacksonville, Ready To Start!

Wow, this is a cute town!

Many of these buildings were built in the 1850's and have been perfectly maintained. There are gaslights on the street corners (many, but not all of them converted to electric) and tons of beautiful details.

There are wooden steeples, picket fences, and lots of pretty signage. Here are a few pics...

And, lest I forget... The trip here was not as pretty. We saved $100 by packing a cooler with homemade food, and spent it replacing a burst radiator hose. It dramatically sprayed water onto the hot engine, billowing steam and forcing me off the highway. Luckily, the service station was right there and fixed it in about an hour. Yeah, I could possibly have fixed it myself, except that nobody in town had the hose. They had to have it brought in from the nearest city. Still, they had it fixed in about an hour. Awesome!

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