Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Changes in the Blog and Newsletter

I've decided to change the approach on my blog and my other social networking efforts.

I love blogging. It's really fun to tell my story for folks who want to hear about the "behind the scenes" aspect of starting and running a weaving business. I've been hearing requests for another type of correspondence. People want to join a list where they can just hear about the products and deals without all of the back story. So, I'm changing things up a bit.

I'm working on a separate blog, Weaving Monk, that will serve just to announce new colors, new products, and special deals.

I'm also reconsidering the amount of focus and interaction that I engage in on my other social networking venues, too. I think that they need more attention.

What does this mean for my main blog? Well, I'll probably be cutting back on my posts here to give me the time to work on other networking efforts. I promise that I won't disappear entirely, just probably cut back to two or three posts a week here instead of posting nearly every day.

As for the email newsletter, it kind of doesn't matter what I do with it since I haven't sent one out since last fall. It will reflect the Weaving Monk blog, focusing on product announcements and special deals, and probably change to a more intentionally sporadic format to correspond with new color rollouts.

Do y'all have any ideas on these changes? Any comments on what else I should put into my new-product-and-special-deal focused newsletter?


Milly Story said...

Would love to see you over on G+ I have a fiber circle there with some really talented folks. I know it is hard to decide how to spend your time and so many options with the social media. Personally, for reasons too many to do into here. I've pretty much given up on Facebook. I run three blogs and stick to G+ almost exclusively. I have reached nearly 4000 contacts on G+ as opposed to the 150 I had on FB. But that is just my two cents worth. I will follow you where ever you go!

BloggerPlus App said...

Thanks for the invite, Milly!

You're right, it is tough to decide. Right now I'm spending my "spare" time on a rewrite of my website. After that I'll start looking more seriously at other social media stuff.