Monday, April 23, 2012

Whole Day Off!

I woke up yesterday and went into the studio to start my work right on time. But when I got there, I just couldn't do it.

We've had beautiful weather for a few days now and I've stayed inside expanding the usable studio space and weaving just as fast as I can. And today my body said, "get out there and enjoy the nature!" And so I did, production schedule be damned.

It was a whole day of trekking around and exploring the AMAZING natural sights in the area: mountains, rivers, and forests filled with wildflowers. I reveled in the smells of new cottonwood leaves, buckbrush flowers, pine needles in the sun, and many, many more.

I didn't take out the iPod at all except to share one breathtaking sight. At Mill Creek Falls in Prospect there is the most powerful display of the natural power of water that I've experienced in a long time. In the spot where I took this video, there is no fence protecting a person from falling hundreds of feet into the raging torrent. My heart is racing now just thinking about it!

Even the ending of the day, one of my dangerously bald tires finally giving out, wasn't enough to lower my spirits. The day was glorious and gave me the energy to keep pushing through my production catch-up schedule. Just another month of long days and I'll have enough inventory that I should be able to keep up, even while doing two shows a month. And if I run out of inventory at that point, well I'll be "crying all the way to bank", as my dad would say.

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