Monday, April 9, 2012

I did it!

OK, so my correspondence is languishing, I haven't slept much the last few days, and I probably don't smell that great, but I delivered the cloth to the seamstress just in time to have blue ruanas for the show next weekend.

And now, to save myself another trip that costs much time and money, I'm going to keep up the frantic weaving pace. When I pick up the finished ruanas on Wednesday, I'll drop off another (smaller) batch of sewing that I'll then pick up in a couple of weeks when I'm in Wolf Creek anyhow.

And thus, the sewing pipeline will be stacked. Every month when I'm already passing through Wolf Creek, I'll swap a batch of cloth for the previous month's finished garments. No more running around like newly headless poultry. At least that's the plan...


Laura said...

And it sounds like a good one, too. :)


Alice said...

A sight to warm the heart.

Blossom Merz said...

Thanks, Laura. It's taken a little work, but switching to an offsite seamstress has been the smoothest part of my recent studio changes.

Alice: ...and hopefully the shoulders of discriminating ladies, starting in Bend this coming week. :)