Friday, April 6, 2012

New Seamstress

I've made a couple of allusions to this, but haven't really talked about it...

Wispr has gone on a vision quest until June, at least. I miss my brother for lots of reasons, but in this blog I'm writing about the weaving business. He's been the one doing most of the sewing for about a year now, and his absence means that I have to do the sewing myself again (in my abundant spare time!) or hire someone else to do it.

Well, I just happen to have some good friends who own a production sewing company in Wolf Creek. They've been the largest employer in Wolf Creek for years, employing more people than the Inn, even during their slow periods. They are called Select Designs, and do incredible work. If you know anyone in the area who needs production sewing done, these are the folks to call. Most of their work is in outerwear: garden hats, raincoats, safety gear, and the like, but they have decades of experience in every type of sewing you can imagine. And they are FAST! That's one of the benefits of trusting a professional. They do not waste one movement or make due with cruddy tools. All of their machines are the best that's available. (They were the ones who sold me the horse-power-and-a-half production sewing machine that quadrupled my sewing productivity...)

Well, we've worked out a deal where they will do almost all of the sewing for me for a decent price, and even deliver it to Medford and save me an hour and a half of driving for each batch of cloth.

We're working on another deal now where they will design and sew pillow covers from my "scrap". I'll let y'all know when that comes together. They're going to be beautiful!

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