Monday, April 2, 2012

The Move

Well, the move is done and we have internet service again so I can start catching up on blogging.

The home and studio move were grueling. I packed up the whole studio on Monday and Tuesday, and we mostly packed the moving truck on Wednesday.

Thursday was the marathon. We finished packing the truck, realized that there was no room for the last member of the new household, joining us from Grants Pass. So we came to the new house, emptied the truck and drove out to her place at the end of a 12-inches-wider-than-the-truck, muddy, winding road. On the way out of the driveway, the sun was setting so fast that Arcana had a hard time seeing to direct me over the tiny bridges and through the narrow gates. I've never driven a 24' truck before and I really thought that my heart was going to pound out of my chest.

But we did it, and we did it all in one day. Here are the photos...

This ugly basement storage area was a working studio just the day before.

...and this is where the stuff went. It's in boxes in what used to be the photo studio.

Arcana is the Pack Master. Notice how he has the two looms packed vertically and completely separated from each other? Genius!

...and here's how much space was left after he was done. None, really.

Here's the giant truck pulled up outside the two-story garage that will become the new studio.

Here are the traces of the most harrowing part of the drive up to Hilarey's. As I turned the tight corner, I could feel the back of the very heavy truck tilting and sliding off the edge of the road. I gunned it and miraculously pulled out of the mud, avoiding a slide into the ravine by less than a foot. If I hadn't made it, there's basically nothing that anyone could do. It would probably take a larger truck to pull out a truck of this size, and a larger truck just would not fit down this driveway.

And here's the garage on the next morning with my whole studio stuffed into it along with Hilarey's kiln.

This stuff is going to get organized and split between this space and one just about the same size upstairs. In the end, it will be a spacious and somewhat tidy weaving and sewing studio again.

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