Saturday, April 20, 2013

Homestead Photo Essay, Day 4

We finished building and installing all of the decking modules today. Badger does this all the time so it's not so hard for him. For me, though, it was a killer. I'm propped up with ibuprofen, zyflamend, and more just to lay here typing this.

First, we built a module.

Then we slid it into place and the day picked up pace.

Soon we were building and placing a few at a time.

Before we knew it, it was time to build the last one and put it into place.

All done with decking!

Here's the view from the driveway coming up to it.

This will be the entry to my storage space, which may include the "outdoor" kitchen.

Walk in and turn to the right to see my potential kitchen site.

And here's the whole thing in situ. It feels huge until you see the expansiveness of the site. Then, the homestead site feels very human-scaled.

And now I'm going to collapse into bed. This day was completely exhausting


Alice said...

It is really thrilling to watch the progress of your homestead. Wanted to tell you--this morning I was listening to a Philip Glass organ piece--endless repetition with subtle modulation along the way--and it immediately reminded me of one of your warps. The same could be said of your new platform construction!

eldri said...

looking great!

braces to be taken down at some point?
replaced with sheer-walls of some sort of earthquake-and-bear- proof siding??

Blossom Merz said...

Alice, I LOVE Philip Glass, Terry Riley, Steve Reich, and more of the minimalist composers. And yes, it's exactly like my cloth design. Math, math, and more math with subtle variations.

Eldri, yes! I'm planning to frame in a small kitchen downstairs and strategically modify the braces to give me closed and open storage areas. The more enclosed crawl space, the more critter trouble, though, so I'm taking my time to think it through.