Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Homestead Photo Essay, Day 5. Done!

Today we put the finishing touches on the platform - steps and a railing.

We hasn't really thought it through when we put together the wood order so I ran to town for 2x4s. This is how far the steps had progressed when I left.

And here's what I saw when I returned. Badger is amazing. We then put it into overdrive to finish up today.

For the second set of steps in the back I got to watch Badger build them. It happened so fast that in only got one picture taken before they were done.

And I forgot to snap another picture until we were driving away. Isn't it beautiful?

Tomorrow we're going to put up the first yurt. Badger has mentioned to me that he has never seen one go up and that he really wants to. So I'm going to set up my home a little earlier than expected. I'm excited, too. This has been a long time coming!


Cindie Kitchin said...

Wow - this is really fun to watch! Thanks for adding it to your blog along with your weaving.

Blossom Merz said...

Thanks, Cindie! It's all related. When I bought my loom in 2008 I remember the saleswoman at AVL being confused why she couldn't sell me on the CompuDobby upgrade. I told her that I needed it to be mechanical because I was going to move my studio into an off-grid yurt one day. Well, five years later that day is coming soon!

Erin Mohr said...

Congratulations Blossom!!
it is so heartening to me personally as we watch all your hard work and planning come to fruition before my eyes (digitally speaking '-)

Yo GURT and Go YURT!!
tony + erin

Blossom Merz said...

Hey, you two!

Thanks. You got it! This whole winter has been spent lining up dozens of big pieces so I could just "turn the crank" and have project after project arrive at completion. Good thing I honed my project management skills earlier in life. Those skills are saving my sanity right now.

Seeya soon!