Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Homestead Project, Celebration Barbecue

I'm a couple of days behind so y'all are going to get a couple of posts today. It's all happening so fast!

Celebration is a big part of my life. Yes, I work hard, but what's it all for if I don't stop to appreciate the results of that work? So, even though the platform wasn't "done", I decided to host a small barbecue to celebrate the completion of the decking.

There are many performers among my friends and many of us noted that this place felt like a large stage. So what to do but show off some dance moves?

And while the host cooked some meat and veggies, folks hung out on the only thing around that felt like furniture.

A couple of folks showed up fashionably late and fashionably dressed. They had just come from the symphony. Really.

And, as the sun went down the layers went on. Badger, the builder who made this all happen, is modeling his new ruana.

PS: this is a couple days late because I needed to get permission to post people's photos...

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