Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Land Project Update

Things are trucking along at lightning speed with the new homestead. All of the paperwork is signed, the lumber is ordered, and we've set a date for the contractor to arrive and build the platform: Wednesday, the 17th.

Here's the view from the hill behind my new home. I think I'll be taking my tea up here quite often. It's just a breathtaking vista.

I had originally planned to place the yurt in the hollow off to the right of this photo, but nature has spoken...

These two flowers are difficult to find in this area: larkspur and fritillary. I don't know if they're endangered or not, but I just can't put my home where they are already living. I don't have any shots of the real home site, but I've ensured that beautiful flowers will not be killed by my choice.

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