Sunday, August 14, 2011

At The Show

After so much time and energy preparing for this show, it's kind of a dud so far. I've sold enough to pay for my show fees and the gas to get home, but not much more. Today will probably be better.

There wasn't much traffic yesterday and the weather was too warm to get people wearing cloaks.

But, the environment is beautiful! And rafts full of happy people drift by all afternoon. Boy, that sure looks fun!

Even if I don't make much money today, this show helped me in one big way. It gave me a deadline to be ready to do shows. Now that I've got a beautiful and flexible booth structure, I can do all kinds of shows on a moment's notice. I can also plan so that they're not happening so slipshod.

It has also helped me to realign my production mindset for the local economy. Few people can afford a $300 cloak, but even teenagers can afford a $10 cellphone pouch. I need to design and produce a new line of low-end merchandise. And after this show I'll have the time to do it.

Another benefit to being at this show is that there are people here who do the local show circuit. They're giving me tips on shows I would have never known about. Places where the weather is cooler, like on the coast. It's not that far and certainly worth the drive if I can make better sales out there.

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Bad said...

Blossom, you have done a spectacular job taking the necessary steps to expanding your business. I hope the new collective works out well. Your product line is beautiful.