Friday, August 26, 2011

Green Is Almost There!

I'm trying to get the green warp on the loom in time for the first set of back-to-back shows in September while applying for the next set of back-to-back shows in October and trying to find one more show in November and any shows in December.

As usual, I was afraid that the green warp wasn't going to meet my ridiculous standards for quality because I didn't have enough shades of green yarn. And, right on schedule, I LOVE the result. I'm starting to realize that what I don't like is the lack of control in having to make do with whatever yarn I have on hand. In the end, though, my lifetime of study in color and the vagaries of the human visual system always sees me through.

Whip crack! Back to work! Enough dilly-dallying on the computer! (My boss is so demanding.)

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