Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Check Stand

Whew! I've finally got the last piece of building done for the booth. I needed a check stand that can hide my electrical system and printer, and leave room for "the other stuff": change box, business cards, mailing list, backup receipt book, etc.

One of our local friends has a table saw, which made the construction process much easier and more accurate than a circular saw. Wispr helped me with the first few cuts since manipulating big pieces of wood is so tough with just one person. Then he went back to the shop to put the finishing edges and ties on the walls.

I stayed to put in the shelves and attach the back. We're so strapped for time that I didn't even bother to sand it down. I'll do that after the show when we use this as a piece of furniture in the shop.

Then I threw it in the van and hauled it down to the shop where Wispr sewed up a fitted cover for it. Now everything in the booth matches in beige and white. It'll make sure that people aren't looking at my "interesting" booth, but are instead looking at what I have to sell.

Now all that's left to do is to remove two captain's chairs from the van, pull Kickstarter rewards from inventory and prepare to ship them, take a thorough inventory of what's left, cut and sew 5 ruanas, cut apart 6 new shawls, edge stitch and cut 20 scarves. Wispr and I will be working together to get all of the cutting and sewing done in two days.

I also need to test a booth configuration that puts the grids on one side and the back. Then I can hang scarves on half of the third side and leave the other half open. This would a) give me a place for the check stand and b) let me do demos next to the booth with ready access to the main space and the merchandise. I know this may come as a surprise, but I do demonstrations partly as a hook to sell my cloth. :)

There might even be time for me to weave off, finish, and cut another set of 6 shawls. It's looking good!

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