Friday, August 19, 2011

Warp Speed!

Things are moving fast! So many decisions to make, so many pennies to shuffle, so much to do.

I have been applying to shows like mad, depending on my photography to squeak me into juried venues way past the application deadline. That and the fact that everyone's hurting. Shows aren't doing that great, so there seem to be a lot of vendors who are deciding to skip a few shows this year. I've got three shows lines up in September, and one blue ruana left. I need a cool color for my booth, and how!

All the red that's left on the beam...
I heard from my mill-ends distributor that his order of green yarn is taking longer than expected. I have planning green as my next color, depending on this order to prepare the warp. I might be able to get it, but not until late September. Eeek! Maybe I should weave another blue warp first? To the yarn stash!

I played around with the cones that I have available trying to see if I could warp a green beam that's interesting, but using only the yarn I have on hand. There are only two shades of green in sufficient quantity to do what I like.

A potential green beam...

But, there are browns, oranges, gold, burgundy, black, navy blue. It's going to be a challenge, but I think I can make it work. It'll be more of a "forest shades" cloth than a pure green, but that's OK. Especially bearing in mind that I will be able to get ahold of more green and perhaps some brown late in September. I can use varied green wefts to pump up the green appearance of the finished cloth for the second half of the beam.

And, as long as I'm ordering yarn, I'll get as much blue as I can afford and weave mostly ruanas from it. I think the next blue batch will be much darker and leaning toward purple. Black, navy, and deep purple? That should work nicely.

And I have a couple of questions for you, dear blog readers...

- Who is your favorite yarn distributor that offers volume discounts for quantities like 100 pounds?
- Do you know of any high quality shows in October or November in Oregon? Juried shows are preferable.

Thanks for your help!

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