Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Show Prep, Trucking Along

It's coming up fast! There are just three days of prep time left before I pack the van and head out out to the show.

I went to town yesterday and had some fantastic luck. At the last minute I heard about a meetup for my local Etsy team. I went there with no expectations other than to meet some local crafters. Well, I did. Aaaaand, I met the organizer of a local Christmas show. She loves my work and kept saying, "There's nobody doing anything like this." It looks like I'll have no problem getting into that show, and that I'll do pretty well there. It is in my Todo schedule to check their website in September and make contact. Done!

I can't get ahead of myself, though. Before I think about Christmas, I've got to make the sales to get myself there. There are a number of things left to do before I leave for this show...
- Build my sales counter with room underneath for the power system and printer, then sew a cover for it.
- Sand and paint the gridwalls. They're a little rusty from 20 years in a barn.
- Sand the clothing rod. It's a little weathered, too.
- Remove two of the captain's chairs from the van. I need the space for the loom, bench, counter, booth, and merchandise.

Meanwhile, Wispr is working like mad, too. Now that the cloth is all shrunk, he's got two tasks on his plate
- Finish the booth walls
- Cut and sew ruanas, shawls, and scarves.

Oh, yeah, and there's the very real work of connecting with my Kickstarter contributors and finding out what they want for their rewards. Those items need to be pulled from inventory before the show. I am immensely grateful to everyone who contributed and want to treat you all like gold. The next steps in this business would not be possible without you.

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