Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Miraculous Timing

Speeding up production to catch the show season is trickier than I had realized. It still takes time to get yarn in the mail, and I need to know what I'll want well in advance of warping.

If you've been following my blog, you saw that I did not plan far enough ahead for the green warp, so I had to make do with whatever yarn I had in stock. I also placed an order for more green on the day I realized this so I'd have enough weft.

While I was placing the order, I asked if they had any green "floor sweepings", odd cones in quantities too small to send out samples. And, sure enough, there were some.

So, I was waiting for that shipment, which includes all the yarn I'll need for the next batch, too. (See? I'm learning!) I was hoping that it would arrive in time to sample the new green before beginning earnest production.

And it worked, with about 10 minutes to spare!

I had been tracking the shipment with Fedex and saw that the boxes got separated. One of the seven boxes was on a truck for delivery as I sleyed and wound bobbins for the sample blanket. The probability was 1/7 or 14% that this box contained the new green, but I was hopeful.

Weaving time had arrived. I checked Fedex, "out for delivery." I photographed the sample bobbins, resolved that I wouldn't have a new green. I checked Fedex, "delivered!"

Zoom! I jumped in my van and drove across the street to pick up the box. (That's a topic for another post...) I cut it open and there was the new bright green.

I quickly wound up a sample bobbin with this green mixed with the old dark green. The results are fantastic! This might even be the green cloth that I claim for myself.

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