Saturday, March 3, 2012

Loom Anniversary

This past week, an anniversary came and went. It has been three years since my trip to Chico, California to pick up my reconditioned AVL production dobby loom. She came to me with the name "Ugly Betty", which I instantly shortened to "Betty" because she is anything but ugly to me!

At the time I was concerned about making the loom pay for itself. Boy, oh, boy, has that happened! Betty has exclusively supported me for three years now, and made it possible to buy two more AVL production dobby looms.

Happy anniversary, Betty! You're as beautiful now as you were the day you arrived.

And a side note... For that trip to AVL, I had to rent a cargo van for the day. Now I own almost exactly the same van. Yay, progress!


eldri said...

Happy loom-tri-Anniversary!
I hardly seems like that long!

Do Betty's Siblings have names?

Blossom Merz said...

I still need to have a phone conversation with the woman who sold the big loom to me, but I don't think that either of the new looms have names. I'm working to have a bead mandala sewn for the other production loom so that loom will get a name when it's done.

The third loom is "sort of a toy", a 46" production dobby instead of a 60". Since the beams don't interchange, this loom is meant to give apprentices some freedom to play on their own designs without slowing down production.