Monday, March 26, 2012

Unsleying To Capture Thread Order

You know how I use multiple threads loosely plied together to make my warp color gradients? Well, this sometimes causes me to jump through flaming hoops to maintain the order of them and remember with certainty which three belong together. Here's what I did yesterday to recapture the thread order for two beams at once.

First, notice that I did not unsley the purple threads that I will be tying onto next week. I just threaded the blue threads in the reed along with them. When it comes time to unsley, I just use post-it notes to keep the two sets of threads separate from each other as I carefully cut one thread at a time.

Then, I stick the two ends to two pieces of tape, one for each beam.

Here's a section that's all done. Just 15 more of them!

When deciding to do this operation, I failed to realize just how long it would take to do with so many threads. Ah, well! It's done now.

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