Monday, March 19, 2012



I can't believe how sick I've been. It seems like a relapse of the flu that came earlier this year, but much more severe. I'm thankful today for the ability to sit upright, sort of. Along with lungs and sinuses, this flu seems to have attacked a strange joint - the one between the left sacrum and the pelvis (the sacroiliac joint, if I remember my anatomy...) It's swollen, cutting off sensation to that leg and causing every muscle from the knee to the shoulder to lock up in cramp. There is no position that doesn't cause immense pain and no stretching that loosens the muscles. Pedicularis, wintergreen, and castoreum are my salvation today along with the DayQuil.

We're moving next week. I need to finish winding a beam and weaving off some garments for a show in three weeks. Instead I'm laying in bed high on symptom-suppressing flu drugs. And I'm glad I have them.

Currently reading, through Librivox, Bram Stoker's "Dracula".

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