Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blog Comment Reply Day...

Eureka! Another piece of the notebook-less lifestyle clicked into place yesterday. Let me back up a bit... My notebook is dying. It has been for a while, but now I think it's for real.

OK, so I have to plug it into a network because the WiFi doesn't work. That's not ideal, but it's workable. But now the hard drive makes a loud clicking sound. The screen doesn't get very bright, and the hard drive runs continuously, apparently swapping out memory. As a result, it can take a long time to do just about anything.

I've held off on replacing it because I can do almost everything on my iPod. Seriously. The major things that I do on the notebook are photo management and certain online stuff. There are things that don't work on a small screen or functions that the mobile apps just don't have.

One of those features is replying to blog comments. I just have not taken the time to get out my notebook and plug it into the router in our always-cold library. The end result is that I've been inadvertently ignoring blog comments.

Well, that changed yesterday when I discovered that one of my blog writing apps actually does a great job of managing and allowing engagement with blog comments. So, I went through and replied to all the neglected comments.

If you've been wondering whether I had gotten your comments, I'm sorry for the delay. Thanks for leaving comments, and I promise to be more engaged now that I can do it from the fantastic little computer that's always in my pocket.


Alsan said...

Whoo hoo, I have finally managed to post to your site!
I have another odd question for you. Why does your second AVL loom need a bead mandala before being named? Well, the real question is for what do you use the bead mandala?

Blossom Merz said...

Hi, Alsan,

I'm glad you figured out how to post. I didn't think I made it THAT difficult... :)

The bead mandala is really a symbolic thing. It's the only form of "decoration" that I put on a loom and turns it from just *A* loom to *MY* loom. It's a sort of formal adoption that I want to have in place before the loom gets a name.

This process is a commitment. By adopting the loom, I'm promising that it won't sit in a corner collecting dust. Looms want to be used, don't you think?

Be well!

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