Monday, March 5, 2012

Show Acceptance

I'm feeling very lucky right now. A while back I gambled on buying a professional photographic backdrop and spending the time shooting my own work instead of hiring a professional photographer. My logic was this: if I hired a pro, the money would be gone and I'd have one set of photos. If I bought the materials to do it myself, I'd still have them for future use.

I seem to have won the bet. My homemade photos are proving to be good enough to get my work juried into high quality shows. You can see my show schedule on my main website: HERE. Once or twice a week I receive an acceptance letter to another show, and when I do, it's added to the calendar.

At this point, I'm pretty well booked up through July. Yeah, there are other shows that I'm waiting on, and a few that I haven't applied to yet, but many of the best ones have accepted me already. Woohoo!

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