Thursday, March 29, 2012

Looms or Lumber?

Here's the state of the studio after disassembling the looms. The three of them are carefully separated into their own corners. The trick in packing the truck will be to keep the parts separate. It's just way easier to put them back together if I know for sure which parts belong to which loom.

Well, Arcana is the pack master. He got two the looms into a TINY amount of space in the truck, keeping them totally separate from each other. The third one and the 36" folding jack loom went into my van. By the time we finished packing the truck it was pitch black. Today is driving and unpacking day. Yay!

The foremost thought on my mind this morning is gratitude for ibuprofen. I haven't used it in years, but after a winter of sedentary life and two days (so far) of moving lots of heavy things I'm sure glad that bottle is on the shelf. Yes, it's damaging to the liver if it's used too much, but today it's making it possible for me to keep going instead of laying on ice. And I need to make a point of getting more exercise. Apparently, production weaving isn't enough. :)

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