Friday, August 27, 2010

Meetings, Trailer Enhancements and Loom Setup

Today was a big, long day of meetings. It started with another training session with the two alternate bookkeepers. They're getting the hang of it. Next, they'll do the work as I walk them through it, then they'll do it themselves while I watch.

After that, the Caretakers had a meeting to figure out how we wanted to perform our first round of visitor checkins. Then, we spent a chunk of the afternoon doing them. I stepped away for a quick one-on-one with the CFO, but we missed our connection. Then I went back for more visitor checkin time before pulling away to work on weaving for a while.

Before dinner we had a pow-wow with the three of us who will be working the booth in California to work out some trip logistics. After dinner we had one last conference call with the organizers of a gathering that starts next week.

[Parts to build a roof, back doors and clothing racks. Thanks, TJ!]

It's coming down to the wire for this big show. We leave in a few days to set up the booth, then come back and get ready to pick up the inventory and head down. I've realized that I don't have the time to modify my trailer before the show, so I've hired TJ to do it for me. He's got great ideas about how to make it waterproof and solidly locking so I can safely store the inventory in it during the show. And yesterday he bought all the parts he'll need. Yay!

[Lots of knots]

[From my perspective: simply tie the 1200 threads on the left to the 1200 on the right, in order.]

In the meantime, I'm tying on the next warp so I can weave a sample to bring to setup. This will help Annie to make decisions about which weft colors to use.

I've finally gotten permission to train Wispr, my apprentice, to weave Annie's cloth. It's going to be a lot of work to get him trained well enough to identify and solve problems on his own, but I think we can do it before I leave. In the worst case, he'll work until the first big problem and have to stop until I get home. I kind of doubt it, though. He's pretty smart and took to rug weaving like he'd been doing it for years.

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