Sunday, August 29, 2010

Delicious Happenings

[Amazing Southeast Asian Food]

The night before last we were more blessed than usual with a delicious dinner mostly from the garden. (and that's saying something!) Harlan spent the day creating a Southeast Asian feast. The flavors were fresh and amazing, and the visual presentation with nasturtium flowers and pickled carrots made it pop on the plate. Thanks, Harlan!

[Rada Dada visual display]

One of the visitors right now is an artist who travels around the country creating Dada inspired visual displays for museums and performing arts centers. He gave us a little taste of his show after tea yesterday morning. I think the slogan on the back of his van sums it up pretty well: "unexceptional tricks". That's Dada!

[The storm looked fiercer than it was]

Yesterday afternoon I ran around making sure everything was safely stored for rain. The temperature has dropped significantly in the last few days and some scary roiling clouds filled the sky. It turned out to be all bark and no bite. Those terrifying clouds dropped about five minutes of sprinkles and then graced us with a dinnertime rainbow.

In between all of this, I'm sitting on a milking stool inside my loom carefully tying hundreds of knots. They should be done today with samples woven tomorrow. On Wednesday we leave for Renaissance Faire setup.

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