Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Yarn Is Coming

Along with managing the pipeline that gets each piece woven, preshrunk, finished, photographed, and listed on Etsy, there's a bigger pipeline to manage. Each beam needs me to buy yarn, design the beam, ply the threads, and wind the beam in preparation for weaving.

And there's a time delay. I need to order my yarn two weeks before I'll need it. And I need money in order to do that.

A good friend of mine offered to help when I quit working as a contract weaver. I didn't take her up on it at the time because I was sure I could make it.

Well, I was wrong. It took an extra month to get loom parts from AVL. My web sales are slower than I anticipated, so I finally bit the bullet and accepted her help to get my new yarn. I mean, yeah, I *could* make it, but with some downtime after finishing the Arctic Fox beam. This is the time of year where I can't really have down time. After May 1st, my time is mostly taken up with managing the sanctuary so I need to make every minute count before then. Merchandise in my inventory will open up new marketing venues and eventually convert to money in my pocket.

I buy my threads at a discount from mill ends distributors with an ever-changing and undependable supply. Here are the sample cards to show what my options are right now. As you can see, there are lots of blues. My current design style depends on warp stripes and color gradations for the richness and organic feeling of the finished cloth. The more shades of my main theme I can get, the better.

So my next beam will be dominated by blue. I'm still looking for a nature-based inspiration for a blue beam. Tree Swallow? That would require black, which I just can't get right now. Blue Jay? Could be. That would take a lot of grey, which I already have, and would look great with denim. Misty Valley? Too light. I've already got 80 yards of white cloth in the pipeline. Caribbean Water? Another good possibility. So maybe a blue-grey and maybe a bright blue-green.

I'll hold off on my decision until the yarn arrives. Seeing the colors together on large cones might just give me the inspiration that I don't have quite yet.

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