Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Yarn Is Here!

I'm very excited about the new yarn for the next beam. I'm also glad that it arrived this week. I've got about a week left on the Arctic Fox beam. In my spare time I'll be trying to design the new Bluebird beam so I can get winding as soon as the Arctic Fox is done.

I really thought I was going to go with Blue Jay as the color theme, but I think it'll be the Tree Swallow instead. Looking at these yarns in person, the Jay is just too dull to use these brilliant blues. I don't like the name "Tree Swallow" for marketing my cloth, though, so I'm calling it Bluebird.

I'll be winding off a small cone of each color so I can carry them to meetings and wind up sample warp combinations. When I'm done weaving white on April 1st I should know just what kind of design I'll be winding in blue.

1 comment:

ASpinnerWeaver said...

How exciting to get a whole box of yarn like that! I like your colors and think bluebird fits.