Thursday, March 3, 2011

Real Products

After spending so much time designing, plying, warping, and sampling for this beam, it's nice to finally be producing real merchandise. The first set of products are designed to help me hash through the last of the equipment adjustments before I can weave full-speed through the rest of this beam. They are scarves with 2" of fringe on the long side. This makes them wear somewhat like a feather boa and accentuates the complexity of the warp colors.

This photo of the first shawl, still on the loom, shows off a couple of features of this cloth. First, the meandering zigzag is much more clear on a larger piece of cloth. Second, the shininess of the mercerized cotton really shows. The warp and weft are roughly the same color in this photo. Because the warp is so shiny and angled away from the flash, it looks grey. The weft is reflecting the flash and looks white.

In real life, the shininess doesn't have such an extreme effect after the cloth has been washed. It is definitely there, however, and lends another level of luxuriousness, complexity and interest to the cloth.

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