Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Weaver And The Woodworker Are Friends

I've been using a jankety part on my loom since some time last year. When I converted the shuttle from a downward pull motion to a side-to-side motion, I did a quick job of it with a section of 1" dowel.

Well, it's giving me callouses. When I was last in Portland, I spent a lot of my time with my good friend, Cobb. He is, among other things, a woodworker. I told him about the handle that I was craving and he said, "Let's make you one!"

After a day for the glue to dry and a few hours of work, we made a beautiful handle.

This handle could have worked for much longer if it hadn't been for one big flaw. See the single eyelet on the back side? Well, it causes the handle to twist in my hand as I throw it back and forth. The torque is what has caused my discomfort.

And, after just two months of sitting on my desk, I've finally drilled the holes, mounted the hardware, and tied it into place. Tomorrow will be my first day using it. I can't wait!

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