Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cloth Workflow

With a few of us working in the studio now, managing the flow of cloth from threads to customers is becoming more important. Here are the steps to manage once the cloth is woven:

1. Finish. Stitch edges, wash, and dry.
2. Cut. This separates the individual garments from each other. Shawls and scarves are done at this point.
3. Sew. Cloaks and mobius scarves need to be sewn up before they're ready.
4. Waiting. At the end of each beam is a piece of cloth where one or two sections ran out. This can be sewn into shawls or scarves, but requires more problem-solving. As a result, there's a year's worth of it now. I moved it to the front so that I'd remember to do it.

And, finally, here's the final result: unglamorous tubs of merchandise ready to pack in the van and bring to shows.

Four ruanas that show some of the color variation in this beam: grey, green, brown, blue.

A stack of scarves: plain, fringed, and mobius:


Barbara said...

I'd love to see what that stone warp looks like with some color thrown across it - try a red or some oranges.

Blossom Merz said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I did try an orange and it looks fantastic!