Saturday, February 4, 2012

What Do YOU Think?

I've noticed some of my favorite blogs regularly answer questions from their readers. Maybe it's because my format is more storytelling than how-to, but people don't ask me that many questions. So I thought I'd initiate the conversation.

What do you want to read about?

Are there areas of my community life, weaving or business that you'd like to hear more about? Can I offer you a different perspective on your weaving or your crafts business? Are there things that I've posted cell phone pictures of that you'd like to see photographed more clearly?

If you don't mind people seeing who you are, you can leave a comment on this (or any other) post. Otherwise, send an email to blossom (at) blossommerz (dot) com and I'll answer your question anonymously.


Andrew Kieran said...

I like reading about how you manage your time. It sounds boring, but time-management is one of my major weaknesses and since I got turned on to time-management software by this blog I've become a lot more productive.

Also reading about your experiences managing stock for shows and cashflow is very useful as I hope to establish a small business myself someday.

This is probably the most useful blog I read on a regular basis.

BookWorm said...

I like to read about different projects and curious suggestions...

re'New said...

Keep posting the types of posts you have been. Lots of info in regards to the business side of weaving and the formulas you use to figure it all out. I use the trial and error method for the most part. Alot of my customers believe that I sell the products of my hobby and spare time, and mistakenly think I should sell at a discount. You know, since I enjoy making my rugs! I guess your work isn't supposed to be enjoyable? I've learned to stick to my prices and practices and the people who appreciate it will pay for it :) It helps that my rugs aren't my main source of income.

Sandrine said...

Although I'm not a weaver myself all your comments can be very helpful to every kind of crafter.

I was never a big follower of blogs but that changed a lot the past year and now I am so happy as some of them are a great source of inspiration or I just plainly like the style of the person behind and wish to know more about what she or he is up to.
Since a child I never had the patience (although I have tons off it when it comes to tiny beads and difficult patterns) to stick to writing a dairy and when the blogging thing got off I thought I'd give it another try but no that's not for me. So I am very glad to be able to follow amazing people like you and be inspired by them! Thank you

Blossom Merz said...

Thanks for the feedback! I'll try to do a better job of writing about those topics in particular.

Andrew, I have shied away from writing so much about that stuff because I thought that was boring. I'll go more in depth into this stuff over time.

BookWorm, I'm afraid that most of my weaving projects are just about the same. It's mostly the colors that change from one batch of cloth to the next. I'll try to write more about the other projects like building booths and stuff.

re'New, I used to get that, too, until I switched to large-scale production. Now my friends are so daunted by the scale of my process that they can't believe I sell my stuff as cheaply as I do. It's really all about perception, I guess, since production cloth weaves not much slower than rugs.

Sandrine, one of the reasons that I started this blog was to invite people to follow along from the very beginning and watch the business grow from nothing. My hope is that it would encourage others to follow suit in their own craft. I'm really glad to hear that my store is an inspiration.

Blossom Merz said...

PS: I'm happy to take topic requests any time, so if you're reading this post months or years in the future, don't be shy about writing!