Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Method Of Communicating Weft Colors

As this weaving production scales up, I find that it's necessary to understand the flow of cloth design and creation, for myself and for the others.

Here's the new system that I've come up with. It's a record of all the garment colors that we've created, and a plan for what we'll be doing in the coming weeks.

Each of those spots on the sample blanket represents a garment to weave. From a zoomed-back view, I can ensure that there's a good balance of all the different weft colors, making sure that there's good variety in the finished garments, ie. not too many in one particular range of shades.

Each horizontal line contains four garments, roughly in the order that I'd like to weave them. When each one is done, we cross it off so that the next weaver knows what's been done.

Garments in the middle of a stripe are pure or near-pure versions of that stripe's color. Those on the border are asking for a combination of those two colors. Toward the end of the batch, I'll want to create more combinations than can be represented this way, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

This system has come into being just in time. I'll be away at three shows over the next four weeks, and this system lets others weave while I'm gone.

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