Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Guest Author On Crafting The Sacred

I've been getting into quite a rhythm of blog writing, folding it into my real morning ritual, tea. I like to spend a couple of hours every morning drinking tea, appreciating the light of day, and collecting my thoughts. The first hour is meditation as I watch my mind wake up enough to do anything else. The second hour is when I do brain work. This includes daily task filing, review, and management, blog reading, and then blog writing.

Usually, I'm writing for my own blog, but this time I was writing for someone else. My friend, Jo, invited me to write for her blog last year, and it's taken me this long to get around to it.

Working with her was fantastic! She helped me direct my writing through several revisions until it told a side of the story that fits with the theme of her blog: helping creative people to explore the sacred through their craftwork. I think the result is fantastic, and much better than I could have written without her prompting. Thanks, Jo!

You can read the article here: Weaving The Threads Of Community

Jo Crawford of Crafting the Sacred helps creatives manifest the work they love through creative coaching and intuitive readings. Her vision for Crafting the Sacred is to create a space for creatives to gather and explore inner wisdom and sacred expression within our sacred craft work.

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