Thursday, February 23, 2012

Unhappy Pearl

In the round of van trouble last year there was one problem that I neglected to fix: the gasket on the back side of the water pump was leaking. Since then I've been adding "leak fix goo", little bottles of stuff with aluminum shavings that are supposed to clog up the leak. It worked pretty well until yesterday.

We stopped for food and came out to find water under the van. I threw a blanket over the engine, took off the radiator cap, and refilled it with the water that I carry for that purpose. This got us through another 50 miles before water and steam came spewing from beneath the van.

Thankfully, Wispr has family in the next town, Red Bluff. AAA towed us there and we're waiting for the mechanic to look at it this morning. Let's hope it's just that one gasket and there's nothing else wrong.

UPDATE: The mechanic says that a hose came unattached and caused the trouble. It's fixed already and for cheap. YES!

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