Friday, February 3, 2012

Lighting Rig Sleeve Design

I've finished the measurements for the sleeves that I'll use to hide my cables on the new lighting rig. This won't be important for all shows, but is very important for this next one since the rig will serve as my entire booth.

I'll be making them a bit longer than required so that there's extra to wrap around at the corners. Compared to cables ziptied onto the tubing, this has many advantages:
- quicker
- tidier
- less "industrial" looking

Of course, they'll be ziptied in a few spots as well, but the cables don't have to be gathered up and hidden on the back side of the tubes. Now I've got make something like 60' of this stuff and figure out how to get it on the rig when I'm putting it together, but before the lights have gone onto it.

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